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For Your Business

One unique aspect of serving the Durango Financial Planning community is that most of our clients are business owners themselves and these small businesses are what drive our local economy.  Because of this, we want to take care of our business owner clients as best they can so they can get back to what they love most — running their business!

Our services include:

Retirement Plans

Your need for competent, objective retirement plan and guidance — from an advisor you can trust — has never been greater.  That’s why your plan should work with an independent retirement plan representative like those found at our firm.  We can help you develop a retirement plan, from the most basic to the most sophisticated structures, and will educate you and your employees on your corporate retirement plan options.

Exit Planning

It is important to have a plan for when you eventually exit your business, whether it’s selling, going public, or transferring it to a family member.  Whatever you decide, a succession plan is critical for ensuring a smooth transition and organized transfer of ownership.

Buy/Sell Strategies

Life insurance is designed to help protect a family in the event of an untimely death of a primary wage earner.  But what protects a business in the event of a business owner’s death or total disability?  One way to safeguard your business and protect it from a loss of revenue is to create a buy-sell agreement.  Beyond offering advice on the agreement, we can work with your attorney to determine the right type of agreement.

Executive Financial Planning

As an independent firm, we have access to a broad array of record-keeping platforms and the 'investment' fiduciary capabilities to assist a company with its retirement plan obligations.  Through our years of experience in plan design, we offer objective guidance on how to structure a competitive, qualified retirement plan that aligns with your business goals and cost parameters.

As business owners ourselves, we understand how much is on your plate and are dedicated to helping you simplify your financial concerns.