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Comprehensive Services

Durango Financial Planning provides comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services for our clients, catering to their personal financial goals. When we build financial plans or select assets to invest in, we know it’s not enough to just work toward growing your assets. That’s why we develop strategies to help manage your wealth and plan for future events known and unknown. A handful of services we incorporate are:

  • Financial Planning – We maintain financial planning as a partnership based off shared success. This cooperation is what betters our ability to work with you and understand how we can best service our client’s needs.
  • Investments- Picking appropriate investments for you is instrumental in helping you work toward your goals. Our investment allocation is based off your risk tolerance, tax situation, and objectives.
  • Retirement Planning - We can help develop Pension, 401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing, SEP, SIMPLE, IRA, etc. and incorporate them into any plan.
  • Charitable Giving – Providing tax strategies to help you give to the charity of your choice.
  • Insurance – Keep your financial plan protected with insurance
  • Education Planning – Determining how much will be needed and utilizing appropriate strategies to save or pay for the cost of future educational needs.


We can work in conjunction with other key advisors including your CPA and Attorney.


Comprehensive financial planning and wealth management is an ongoing process. It is a dynamic field and as economic conditions change or as you progress through various life stages, new strategies can become beneficial and previous methods may become obsolete. We work hard to stay on top of these changes to make decisions that are in line with your current goals and appropriate for you current situation.